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About Us

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the service of the underprivileged and unfortunate children in our societies.




About Take a Child to School Uganda

Take A Child To School-Uganda (TACTS-UGANDA) is a registered Non-Government Organisation which was established in 2014 by Mr. Mubiru Mahad and a group of children rights activists and professionals in response to the increase of under privileged children with an ambition of facilitating them with educational and health services.

Take A Child To School Uganda is a charitable, indigenous and not-for-profit children centered organization established with a mandate of providing education, skills and improving the livelihoods of children in their homes. We are dedicated to supporting orphans, disabled and underprivileged children with scholastic materials, schools fees, soft skills and financial support to their guardians / grandparents as a way of empowering them to self-sufficiency. With over 200 children under our support and care, we have managed to address their plight by providing them with clean water, good learning environment, health facilities as well as food at school since 2014.



“Every rural child educated, skilled, healthy and having an improved livelihood”.


  • To provide educational support to Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVCs) in terms of scholarships and materials at all levels.
  • Provision of inclusive and friendly recreational facilities for Orphans and Vulnerable children, enabling a fun and good learning environment.
  • To champion the plight of Orphans and Vulnerable children through provison of basic needs for proper mental and physical growth.
  • To network and collaborate with different organisations with shared goals, objects and focus on OVCs.
  • Empowerment of OVC parents and/or guardians with soft skills as a way of helping them achieve economic self sufficiency.
  • Transformation of the lives of children and the elderly in impoverished areas.
  • To address the plight of refugee children and their parents and/or guardians.
  • To preserve the environment by cleaning up communities, planting trees and waste management.

Our Principles

TACTS-UGANDA maintains strict non-partisan political and empowerment neutrality. However, the organisation is focused on helping and closely working with communities of Wakiso, Mukono, Buikwe and Kayunga on the humanitarian front as well as removing obstacles to child development.

TACTS-UGANDA shall never relent discrimination based on race, sex, ethnicity, nationality, opinion or social calls of disruption and victimization.

TACTS-UGANDA bases the conception, relation management and assessment of its programs on professional standards and years of experience in order to maximize its efficient programming and resources in Wakiso, Mukono, Buikwe and Kayunga districts.

We value accountability for our actions and take full responsibility as well as embracing the best practices in all aspects of organisational management.

Respect to the people we work with (partners) and those we work for is of paramount importance to the success of our programming.

Team work is an engine of our programming, effectiveness and efficiency to achieve our goals together. It brings out the best of our synergies, corset of ability, comprehension and aptitude.

TACTS-UGANDA is committed to respecting policy of openness and encourages the availability of information and allocation of its funds and management. TACTS-UGANDA is also committed to provide guarantees to prove its good management.

Board Members of TACTS-UGANDA

Mubiru Mahad

Mubiru Mahad


Bwanika Benjamin

Bwanika Benjamin


Nakku Mwajumah Mubiru

Nakku Mwajumah Mubiru

Vice Chairperson

Tewa Rose

Tewa Rose

Board Secretary

Sekinalya Hussien Mayanja

Sekinalya Hussien Mayanja