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Fill My School Bag Project 2023
21 October 2023
A helping hand costs nothing, but it can make a priceless impact on the world.
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Kyajja Primary School Mukono. Fill My School Bag Project 2022
29 September 2022
At TACTS Meaningful work gives life purpose and connects you to something bigger than yourself.
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TACTS Ramadan Food Pack - Report 2022
5 June 2022
The current report reflects the detailed activities undertaken in the implementation of the Ramadan food pack program in Wakiso and Kampala district, within the scope of the partnership between Gems of Faith, friends of T.A.C.T.S and Take A Child To School A partnership which begun...
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TACTS Water Project Report Mukono-2021
6 May 2022
The borehole project commenced in October 2021 on confirmation between Tack A Child To School as the Client and Water Giants Africa Ltd as the contractor. This project report is submitted in fulfillment of the project works TACTS is committed dedicated to the service of the...
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Roke Telkom Ramadhan Support
6 May 2022
Thank you Roke Telkom Uganda for your generosity support to the community of mende wakiso district. We are thrilled to have your support this Ramadan. #tactsuganda #rokegives #Ramadan2022
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𝗧he Long 𝗪alk for Water 𝗜s Over 𝗙or 𝗠ukono District Residents in 𝗡akisunga
21 November 2021
People in Uganda's rural communities have limited access to safely managed water. These challenges have been exacerbated by high poverty levels. Generally, women and children are the most affected by an inadequate safe water supply.
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18 March 2021
The CLEAN WATER FOR COMMUNITIES project is a voluntary based health promotion aimed at mobilizing resources to construct clean and water sources for selected rural communities that are struggling accessing safe and clean water
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Highlights from the Food Distribution in Mende Community
10 July 2020
Our food distribution in mende was a success as we distributed food,sugar and washing soap, to over 70 families We couldn't have achieved this without the continuous support of our friends and selfless volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure that this intervention was a success...
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Tacts Uganda Community Development Through Football
7 July 2020
FOOTBALL is more than just a fun, popular, international sport. It plays a role in international development by funding global education, effecting positive social change and producing renewable energy. Football and community FOOTBALL is unique in that it crosses all geographic...
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Community Engagements
5 February 2020
Our team won the Café javas community service competitions in Uganda and were awarded with prizes such as pizzas, cakes and sodas. The TACTS team leader Mr. Mubiru Mahad alongside a team from café javas visited Kawthara Muslim Primary School in Bukoto and shared the prizes with the...
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Kijani Programme
20 January 2020
Our team of vibrant volunteers who are passionate about environmental conservation visited Nakisunga primary school in Mukono district and planted 70 eucalyptus plus 30 mango trees in the school compound. These trees would be beneficial to both the students and environment.
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Health Kit Program
5 October 2019
Our work never ceases, we go as far as handling health issues in schools and communities. Meet one of our volunteers handling a session on menstrual hygiene with the P.5, P.6 and P.7 girls of Nakisunga primary school in Mukono district during a school outreach program in October...
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