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𝗧he Long 𝗪alk for Water 𝗜s Over 𝗙or 𝗠ukono District Residents in 𝗡akisunga


People in Uganda's rural communities have limited access to safely managed water. These  challenges have been exacerbated by high poverty levels. Generally, women and children are the most affected by an inadequate safe water supply. They bear the burden of carrying water for long distances at the expense of other economic activities and girls lose out on education. In Uganda women and girls, who are the major water collectors, users and managers and the major promoters
of household and community sanitation activities, spend about 55% of the time on collecting water daily. Lack of safe and clean water put people in communities at a high risk of contracting water related diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera.

The CLEAN WATER FOR COMMUNITIES project is a voluntary based health promotion initiative spearheaded by TACTS UGANDA aimed at mobilizing resources from well wishers to construct clean and water sources for selected rural communities that are struggling accessing safe and clean water. Project goal: Rural Communities have sustainable safe water sources at their disposal.

Project Objective:

To Increase access to clean and safe water supply in the rural communities to structurally improve basic health.
The proposed project will focus on improved and equitable access to sustainable safe and clean water facilities in rural communities in districts of Uganda.